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Areas Of Your Property We Service

At Congrind our concrete honing team will ensure you get an unmatched finish on your concrete surfaces & expert guidance for a stress-free experience. We will spend the time to work out the right solution for you, customised to your needs and that of your property. This includes commercial and residential properties for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Our team is extremely professional, punctual and skilled, using industry-leading equipment that allows us to applying extreme precision with every job. You will enjoy a seamless and stress-free process, and once done your property will be left spotless so you can enjoy your newly honed concrete surface. With Congrind you will only get Perth’s best! Speak with us today to find out how we can help you.

Pool Surrounds

Our team will restore your pool’s concrete surrounds, helping transform the look and feel of your outdoor area. You will enjoy an aesthetic and low-maintenance surface that is durable and slip-resistant, helping mitigate accidents! Your new smoother surfaces will also eliminate weed-growth and trapped water, reducing the build-up of bacteria for improved hygiene!


Getting your driveway honed will give it a clean, smooth appearance that enriches its colour and helps give your property a fresh feel. Your driveway will also be durable and resistant to the harsh Perth weather ensuring its longevity.

Patios & Paths

With the work of your team your patio and pathways will look like new, helping reinvigorate the feeling of your outdoor entertaining spaces. Your outdoor surfaces will also be resilient to the elements and extremely low maintenance so it retains its clean, smooth look for the years to come.

Indoor Surfaces & More

Honed concrete also looks amazing indoors and is becoming increasingly popular and architecturally trendy! Perhaps, you are instead preparing your indoor surfaces for new flooring. Whatever your needs may be, we will spend the time plan out and customise your concrete solutions so you get exactly what you are looking for.

Restore Your Concrete Back To New Condition & Enjoy Outstanding Service!

Get Perth's Best Concrete Finish With Congrind

We Will Hone & Seal Your Concrete To Pristine Condition

Our expert team are highly trained, use industry-leading equipment and conduct every job with extreme precision and care. We Will ensure you receive a smooth and spotless finish that will transform the look of your home or business.

Extremely Skilled Local Business

We are a local Perth-based business that is family-owned and operated. We have worked on countless homes throughout Perth throughout our years and have become known for our reliability and quality.

Industry-Leading Equipment

The quality of equipment is crucial to not just executing a pristine concrete finish, but also achieving a high level of surface quality so it is durable and resilient to various weather patterns. Our equipment is both top-of-line, up-to-date, regularly maintained and handled by experienced operators.

Outstanding Customer Care Throughout

At Congrind, our customers are our priority. Each job is specific to the unique needs of our customers and their properties, so we work hard to understand exactly what is required. This involves spending the time to listen to you, as well as give you the best personalised advice and offer comprehensive help beyond the job’s completion if anything were to happen.

Our Onsite Consultation & Quote Process

The team at Congrind take the time to truly understand your property’s concrete surfacing requirements so we can tailor our concrete honing solutions to your exact needs. Our comprehensive and FREE onsite consultation and quote is performed by our specialists, Jaxon and Harry, who will spend the time to understand what it is that you are looking for, and give you expert advice.

Initial Enquiry

When you contact us, whether by phone or contact form, one of our specialists, Jaxon or Harry, will find out a bit more about your property. They will also organise a time to conduct a free assessment and quote for your home or business.

Comprehensive Consultation & Advice

We will assess your property and its surfaces, as well as learn about your situation and needs in detail and offer expert guidance. We will ensure we understand what you want to achieve so we can establish the exact services you require, and help you develop a budget-friendly plan of attack, ensuring a stress-free process.

Clear & Detailed Quote

We will then provide a clear, transparent and detailed quote for your concrete surfaces to be completed. Every quote has zero hidden costs and covers every element of the surfacing process to ensure you have full peace of mind.

Thorough Concrete Honing

We will conduct a thorough and precise honing job for your concrete. This process will be done with unmatched quality and care, and when complete you will have a revitalised concrete surface that will last for years and enhance your property & its value.

Comprehensive Sealing Application

If we have also established that you require concrete sealing this will be the final stage! Our concrete sealing will ensure your surface is preserved and protected for longevity and looks amazing.

Reach Out To Perth's Most Skilled Team To Get Your Concrete Looking Like New!

A quick word of advice from us…

It is important to be wary of companies that are not fit for the highly detail-oriented task of concrete grinding and honing which can leave you with gut-wrenching problems. A poor concrete grinding and honing job can leave you with damaged surfaces and walls, spillage of dangerous chemicals, broken cabinetry and furniture, or a concrete floor that needs to be re-done. This ultimately leads to many unnecessary costs which can start to impact your financial situation.

Our team at Congrind ensure our processes are thorough and our staff are highly skilled and trained to handle industry-leading equipment. You will see this in our professionalism and knowledge. Simply put, you can trust our team to deliver an outstanding result, ensuring your concrete is:

  • Completed With A High-quality Finish & Sealed For Longevity
  • Resistant Against the Harsh Perth Weather
  • Low Maintenance
  • Looks Amazing & Sleek
  • Adds Value To Your Property

About Congrind & Our Team

At Congrind we are concrete grinding and honing specialists based in Perth. Being highly specialised in what we do, we understand exactly what is required to achieve the perfect concrete surface for your home or business and we have equipped ourselves with the personnel, knowledge, skill and equipment necessary to achieve this for every customer.

As a company, our focus can be broken down into three parts: our quality-focus, our people and our equipment.

Our quality commitment is built upon two core values: integrity and service. These values reflect our relationship with our customers. We seek to understand what you are looking to achieve and will provide the guidance you need if you are unsure of exactly which direction to go with your concrete resurfacing.

Our focus on our people means ensuring the well-being and safety of our staff. We select our staff based on their alignment with our values and their skill and passion! We ensure all our employees feel that they are a valuable part of the team and that their actions and work reflect our values.

We invest heavily into industry-leading equipment to ensure every job is done to the highest standard possible. Our equipment is sourced from highly-respected suppliers and is consistently maintained and serviced. this allows us to tackle a wide array of jobs from small residential jobs to complex commercial work.

If you are looking to work with our team get in touch with us today.

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